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Welcome at BBGS

As an Engineering and Service company BBGS develops, erects, maintains and operates facilities and buildings from the area Infrastructure and Real Property.

BBGS, a subgroup of PORR GmbH & Co. KGaA, provides comprehensive services related to the construction and operation of buildings for government agencies as well as state and international organizations, especially government agencies of the United States. The company's activities include consulting on planning and execution of building and industrial construction projects as well as facility management and energy management of the property and its facilities. Both engineers and architects with extensive experience in these areas implement the customer requests IAW European and American requirements.

Service overview:

"Building Services"

  • Consulting as well as planning and execution of turnkey construction (New construction and renovation) in building, engineering and civil work
  • Sustainable Building incl. Energy management and LEED certification
  • Creation and expansion of building installations

"Facility Services"

  • Facility Management Service (e.g. technical supply of hospitals, including 24-hour on-call and emergency services)
  • Maintenance Facility Management in various installations (servicing, maintenance, renovation and cleaning of buildings and building facilities in the trades: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, locksmith, roofing, painting, fire protection and safety)
  • Technical services of all kinds (e.g. gardening, landscaping and service of security facilities, kitchens and appliances, cleaning ...)


  • Purchase orders of goods (Single Order)
  • Other services